With the rise of LED’s over the past years you may have seen clubs, bars and festivals creating mind blowing installations using a variety of techniques. Now you can too!

With our LED video displays, you can make you event stand out from the rest. We stock state of the art LED video displays from Ayrton. Each pixel is programmable to any one of 16.7 million colours meaning that our floors are the brightest and most colourful in the country.

We have over 200 tiles (50cm x 50cm) and can fill a space up to 8m x 8m. Our professional team will install and take down the floor meaning that you can relax. Each panel is modular which allows for a quick set up/take down. Our floor is waterproof (IP45) so we can also do outdoor events provided the ground is flat.

We also have the ability to create any visuals you want to have displayed on the floor. If you want, the floor is capable of playing any pictures of videos of your own.

If you have any questions then feel free to give us a call!